How can we avoid losing our motivation?

How can we avoid losing our motivation?

Unfortunately, in many cases, the reasons many of us begin working out are not connected with the desire to lead a more healthy life but are rather based on short-term objectives. “Operation Beach Body” is a perfect example as the warm weather draws near. The New Year resolutions just have the winter holidays is another classic example.

The reality is, however, very different as we realize that in most cases our desired outcome is never achieved and become conscious of the fact that taking care of oneself should be a daily priority. There are many reasons why we have trouble respecting our exercising goals.

Nevertheless, this fleeting will to get back into physical activity is an key opportunity to begin creating good habits. It an opportunity to identify the key factors preventing us from reaching our goals and thus from making operation beach-body a reality.


Of course, we all experience moments when there is little motivation to get up off the couch and exercise. In fact, sitting comfortably in a chair or other similar sedentary activities offers us instant gratification. However, with exercise, we are never certain when this moment of gratification will come, if at all.

In order to avoid this loss of motivation, il is best to fix small, achievable goals that we can easily attain. For example, if we set a goal for ourselves to workout at least two days a week and at the same time are able to respect this goal, there is no harm in rewarding ourselves with small pieces of pleasure such as a favorite meal or binge watching your favorite series.

This way, we can gradually increase our sports activity and goals without feeling intimidated by a seemingly unachievable goal.


It is true that creating a new habit takes time and requires constant, conscious effort.

That is why it is important to consider exercising as an obligation as you would regarding going to work as an obligation.

Creating a written schedule with our daily objectives and obligations can be one way to help remain committed. It also provides a clear and objective summary of what you have accomplished over the course of the week.


It is important to take into account that the first results can take up to two months to show as the human body does not change instantly.

The best option consists of focusing solely on your weight or taking photos in order to better perceive the undergoing changes of your body over time as the results are bound to come little by little.

It is also important to consider the non-physical changes such as an increase in energy, an improved flexibility/digestion, an increase in quality sleep etc. which are just as important of indicators that physical exercise combined with healthy eating has positive effects.

dedicate time.

It can be complicated to dedicate time to exercising when our schedule is already very busy. Fortunately, you do not need to train two hours a day to see results and have a healthier life style.

That is the basis of our training program; intense workouts from 10 to 40 minutes that give a full body workout and allow you to work them into your already busy schedule.


Paying a monthly subscription for a gym membership is a luxury that not everyone can afford.

With PEAK, we go beyond the need to go to the gym or sporting complex to workout. You simply need your own body weight and a sufficient amount of space in order to achieve your goals.

You can even test out our program free and without commitment.


When the time comes to start working out, some doubts can arise. Which type of exercise adapts to my needs and objectives? Am I doing the exercises correctly? How can I improve?

This is no cause for concern, our staff at Peak prepare personalized programs adapted to your physical condition and goals through informative videos explaining step-by-step how to train with perfect form. On top of that, after each workout, you will be able to analyze your performance allowing you to adapt and improve for your future workouts.