Develop your willpower to train.

Develop your willpower to train.

If in some occasions you would change the training for any other activity, check the following points that can help you when gathering strength to start your workout.


Planning, without doubt, is the most important thing and what will help the most when it comes to not skipping training days. If we are clear about what to do when you start training, what exercises, how many series, how many repetitions, how much rest, you are much more likely to be encouraged to get going.


If you manage to train every day at the same time, you will create a routine that will make it easier for you to start training. The ideal is to find a time slot that fits your day to day, without postpone any workouts, and in the end don’t start training at all.


Prepare everything you need to train the day before. Completely indispensable if you train first thing in the morning, of course. If everything ready, it’s a declaration of intentions that tomorrow you’ll intend to complete your training. If before training you have to spend 15 minutes deciding what clothes you take, looking for the shoes, the towel and others is likely to give you time to think too much and delay the action.

training partner

Training with a friend can be a good idea to not skip your planning. You will create commitment with tour friend to go to train, because if you stay at home, will leave alone him. Between the two of you, you can throw at each other the days when you feel like going to the gym less.

simple exercices

Sometimes we insist on practicing a certain sport because it is trendy, or because we have heard that it has a lot of benefits. But if you do not like it, it won’t help you to start training and you will end up quitting. Physical activity should be a pleasure for us, not an obligation that we have to fulfill.

Therefore, if you simplify the exercises so that you can master them completely you will be able to gradually evolve the training and thus you will notice your evolution and you will not get tired of doing the same exercises again and again.

In the planning of PEAK we include many variants of each training so it will be a challenge for you, and you will evolve day after day.