Can I do cardio without leaving the house?

Can I do cardio without leaving the house?

When we want to start training cardio, we often think about long distance running. It is then easy to let laziness overcome us. Too hot in the summer and therefore too tiring, or too cold in the winter, we prefer to remain in the comforts of our home.

In order to really sweat without being stopped by the first little cold that comes your way, we are going to show you three cardio exercises that you are going to be able to do anywhere.

jumping jacks.

It is a widely performed exercise allowing you to increase your heart rate little by little and providing a good warm up before starting your workout. It is also very interesting because it targets the entire body: legs, arms especially but also everything else.

You just have to following a few simple steps to begin your workout:

  • Start with your feet at least should-width apart.
  • Hands start by your side touching your thighs.
  • Heels together while explosively jumping straight up.
  • The hands come together as well and touch above your head. Clapping your hands is a good way to be sure that you raised your arms enough.


air squat y air lunge.

If we had to describe these exercises in one word, it would certainly be “exhausting.” These exercises are notch up in terms of level of difficulty, adding jumps to the classic exercises of squats and lunges. On top of further boosting your cardio, you are also going to be working all of the lower body and differently than what you are used to.

In order to correctly perform Air Squats, follow these steps:

  • Place your feet together shoulder width apart.
  • Your hips should drop to knee level to properly activate your leg muscles and to get more momentum for your jump.
  • Spring explosively upwards and completely outstretch your knees and back.

In the case of Air Lunges, the steps to follow are as follows:

  • Keep your back straight and your chest out throughout the exercise.
  • Drop your hips without your knee in front passing the tip of your foot and maintain a 90° angle.s
  • The knee behind must touch the ground behind the hips and also at a 90° angle.
  • Now jump explosively. The feet should come straight up off the ground with your legs completely outstretched.
  • Upon landing, the feet change positions. The one behind should now be in front and you restart the same movement.

In the two exercise, it is important de cushion your fall by landing on the balls of your feet not flat footed. That will allow you to avoid aches and pain in your joints as well as long term injuries regarding your knees and ankles.