10 Tips to lower your calorie intake

10 Tips to lower your calorie intake

To lose weight, there is only one way: burning more calories than ingested. That is why going to the gym is not enough, you need to also be careful with what you eat.

In order to reduce the amount of calories commonly observed in our everyday meals, we encourage you to follow the tips below.

  1. replace sugary drinks with water.

Removing sugary drinks from your day to day habits is very important to lose weight because calories present in these drinks are basically carbs and offer no interesting nutriments to your body.

Water needs to be the basic drink in your life, its importance is so great that this simple change can be sufficient to lose weight and have a positive effect on your health.

For this change to be smoother, you can add some flavour to your water, using fresh fruits, fresh herbs, green tea, or ginger for instance.

  1. exclude industrial sauces.

Industrial sauces are a strong sources of calories often forgotten when establishing a diet, and yet they show high proportions of carbs and very low quality nutriments such as hydrogenated fat.

Using spices and condiments instead is a good way to reduce the amount of calories while increasing the intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  1. stop frying and use your oven instead.

When you fry your ingredients, they absorb more fat and therefore contain more calories than if they had been cooked in an oven.

High temperature oil is also responsible for degrading the healthy nutriments.

In conclusion, if you want to eat healthier meals you should use your oven more often than your pan!

  1. forget about the cream and try cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is one of the best foods to add to your diet as it does not contain much fat but is rich in protein that will sustain you.

If you often use this to replace the cream in your dishes, you will remove the saturated fat and considerably reduce the amount of calories.

Cottage cheese can also be used to prepare sweet and salty sauces or to treat yourself with a creamy smoothie and other kinds of healthy desserts.

  1. choose plain yogurts over flavoured ones

Among all yogurts available on the market, those with flavours and extra ingredients such as fruits or cereals are the ones containing the greatest amounts of sugar.

If we wish to reduce the carbs in the food to easily lower our calorie intake, and most of all, respect our health, it is preferable to choose plain yogurts over flavoured ones. At home, you can enjoy natural yogurt with fresh fruits, cinnamon, cocoa powder (with no added sugar!) or, if you want a sweeter taste, you can use natural sweeteners: stevia, or agave syrup for instance.

Using plain yogurts, you can have healthy breakfasts and desserts and even sauces and salads!

  1. butter : never again!

Butter, margarine or mayonnaise are mainly fat. And fat that is not healthy at all, often alongside a high concentration of sodium which is not good in excess.

You want to increase the quality of the type of fat you are eating, an excellent option is mashed avocados that can be used to accommodate a piece of meat, a sandwich or a salad. Avocados can also surprisingly be used to prepare healthier ice creams or brownies!

  1. say “no!” to industrial snacks

This is typically the kind of food you want to avoid. Very low quality, huge amounts of salt, saturated fat, carbs, calories, or refined flour: THE unhealthy mix!

A very easy way to proceed is to replace the usual potatoe chips with vegetable chips or other kinds of healthy snacks such as carrot sticks! You will stay away from high pernicious elements and add to your diet’s vitamins, minerals antioxidants and fibres!

  1. lean meat, you must eat

The fat proportion is very different from one piece of meat to another. Choosing the right piece will save you up to 200Kcal per 100g of meat, it is therefore essential for you to replace ribs or sausages by leaner pieces of meat such as thighs or breasts, in particular poultry.

Let’s be honest, we all want more flavour with less calories! First rule: always cook your meat on the grill or in the oven! To get a whole bunch of tastes, just accommodate your meat with spices, herbs, vegetables and it will be simply delicious!

  1. eat whole grains for breakfast

Common breakfast cereals present high concentrations of calories, loaded with carbs, and very often salt and low quality fat. That’s why avoiding these cereals for breakfast is essential if you want to have healthier meals and lose weight.

You can replace them with oats, quinoa, wheat bran and seeds. This will keep you away from high levels of calorie intake while improving your food habits and better sustaining your appetite throughout the day.

  1. goodbye hard cheese

The longer the cheese has matured, the more concentrated the nutrients are. That is why, for a given weight, hard cheese has more fat and contains more calories than cottage cheese with which you could save up to 300kcal per 100g.